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Favourites images of 2017 – Behind the lens – Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Matt Close Porsche 911 GT3 RS Shoot - 13th April 2017

Matt Close Porsche 911 GT3 RS Shoot - 13th April 2017

For the next image on my Top 10 favorites from 2017 we head back to April and the Porsche 911 GT3 RS of Matt Close.


Lotus Cars Australia to enter Targa Tasmania

Lotus Range 2015

Lotus Cars Australia will enter the Targa Tasmania Rally’s with Tv Personality Grant Denyer.


2010 Year in Review – Joel Strickland Photographics

Well 2010 is almost over and on the eve of my last photo shoot for 2010

I thought I would pull together a selection of my images from 2010 from all the different events I have covered and throw them into a slide show using a program I have been using called Animoto

The result is listed below


Targa Tas goes International

Everyone loves Targa, the whole state of Tasmania gets behind it. On the mainland depending on what magazines or newspapers are covering the event, the coverage extends over Bass Straight.

This year though, in the lead up to the event I got a email from a Abu Dhubi Newspaper who were interested in running a story on the event

About a week after the event finished the article came out, im fairly happy with the results

Targa Day 5 – What a Amazing 5 days !!!

Well the end is here, 5+ days of the event has finally come to a end.
What a awesome 5 days it has been, over 2000kms driven and close to 7000 frames taken on two camera’s
Only two days of partly rainy days, otherwise the weather was quite good
Last leg of the event is the run from Strahan on the West Coast through to Queenstown and the famous 99 bends stage up the hills out of the town, then down through the central highlands to Hobart.
Queenstown is one of my favorite stages as the tight twisty bends out of town make for such great images and no matter where you stand it makes for great pictures

Ben Wooster on his way to 3rd in Late Modern

Brendan Reeves climbs through the hills of Queenstown

Kevin Weeks on stage not long before his big accident

Every year there is usually a Helicopter filming the cars climb up through the hills and every year I try to get it in the shot with the cars. This year I succeeded, as you can see below

Tv Helicopter above Tony Quinn's GTR

After the stage has finished, we have to drive out of the stage to follow the cars back to Hobart for the finish. On the way back to Hobart we generally find the cars that have gone off on the stages lying by the side of the road
This year was no exception after finding a Ferrari off in the trees and a Porsche upside down, we came across the bad accident of Kevin Weeks and Rebecca Crunkhorn. They had ended up off the side of the road in a big ditch, the emergency services were with them and the road was closed as a result. We waited for them to be removed from the car and for Kevin to airlifted to Hobart for checks.
After they were removed from the car we were able to grab a couple of shots of car in the ditch

Not a pretty site of the poor Lamborghini

Kevin Weeks & Rebecca Crunkhorn Accident

Kevin Weeks & Rebecca Crunkhorn Accident

We then headed straight back to Hobart in time for the finish.
After 5 days of hard driving, Tony Quinn and Naomi Tillett were the clear winners of the event.
Before the podium the top 3 cars in each category were pulled aside and put in a separate car park. In between interviews with the media, I found time to grab Quinn and Tillett and to set up shots with both of them and their race GTR.

2009 Targa Winners Tony Quinn & Naomi Tillett

After I took this first image of them, Tony turned to me and said “do you want me up on the bonnet?” I said why not.
I already had two SB800’s in use, one on camera as a master and the 2nd off camera as remote.
So up on the Bonnet they both jumped, and out to the side of the camera I sent the 2nd flash

2009 Targa Winners Tony Quinn & Naomi Tillett

It made for a great image, which ended up being run on the back page of the Launceston Examiner

Back page of Examiner Newspaper

Here are the top 3 in the outright classic podium

The Top 3 crews in the outright Modern podium

Tony Quinn cops the Champagne after the podium presentation

Tony Quinn cops the Champagne after the podium presentation

I think he enjoyed it, it only took him 10 attempts to win the event, i think he was very happy with the result

So ends Targa 2009, a great event, even better then 2008 I think

Bring on Targa Wrest Point and Targa Tasmania 2010 I think

Is it too early to start counting days ?

Targa Day 4 – The Wild West Coast

Day 4 is always a long one as we start the day in Launceston and end up in Strahan on the West Coast
We start the day on the Cethana stage, we found this stage during Rally Tasmania earlier this year and we thought we would head back for Targa
We weren’t disappointed it was a very scenic spot with some great images

Graham Copeland & Cameron Lepp - 1938 Dodge Speedster Special

Scenic Day 4

David Gilliver & Nigel Shellshear - 1979 Ferrari 308 GTB

Rick Bates & Anthony McLoughlin - 2007 Mazda 3 MPS

Scenic Day 4

Scott Millar & Christopher Dean - 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Jason White & John White - 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

After uploading images to my site, for the media, we headed across to the West Coast, it was a tight time limit to make the last stage. We just made it in time before the stage was closed.
We drove in and found a spot not too far in, just as the rain started

Bill Pye & Grant Geelan - 1974 Porsche RS

Scenic Day 4

Tony Quinn & Naomi Tillett - 2008 Nissan GTR

We then headed into to Strahan, just as the last bit of light was about to disappear. I grabbed a quick dusk photo of Strahan.

The cars were all parked in a large car park overnight, it was nicely flood lit, I wondered around and took some quick images

Strahan Village at Night

Strahan Overnight car park

Strahan Overnight car park

Targa Day 3 – Its all about the flames and the scenery

The idea for today was to go out and shoot some really nice scenic images out in the Tasmanian country side. Today’s stages were centred around the area just south of Devonport. Some very nice country side in that area and it made for some awesome pictures.

Old cattle loading pen made for nice framing

The bright red Volvo of the Batten's looks great in the country side

Kevin Weeks in his Lamborghini with the mountains as a back drop

Rex Broadbent passes past paddocks in the area

Jim Richards again with the beautiful mountain backdrop

We headed off to a favorite spot from last year next, in the area of Mole Creek
The cars come down the hill out of the Forest into the open and makes for a very nice backdrop

Dean Evans in his Lotus Exige 260 Cup

For the last few days I have been trying to capture nice images of the flames that are emitted from the back of the two Lamborghini’s of Kevin Weeks and Jason White.

Jason White's Fire Breathing Lamborghini

Just haven’t been able to capture it up until now
The spot I found this afternoon I had the feeling there would be a good chance to capture the flames.
I was not disappointed the flames that the car of Jason White’s were awesome and made for a great shot

Targa Fest

Targa Fest

That night they had the usual Targa fest on in the heart of Launceston city, they close off roads around the CBD and put all the cars on display.
Its a great opportunity for the public to get up close to the cars and drivers

Big day tomorrow as we head across to the West Coast