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Behind the Scenes of Sprint Car Shoot

After my last behind the scenes from a few months back, I have just finished editing my lastest one.

This one takes you behind the scenes of my recent on location shoot of a Wingless Sprint Car

Link to the image gallery is below


Behind the scenes video of Car Magazine cover Shoot

Its been something I have been wanting to do for a while, that is to create a behind the scenes video of one of my photo shoots.

So this year I have started to shoot small amounts of video on my shoots either myself or by one of my assistants

The video below is one of my first  attempts

First time back in a Studio in while

Tommorow I am spending the entire day in the studio shooting cars for a client

Its been a while since I have spent time in a dedicated studio shooting, so looking forward to get back in there again

It also reminds me of one of my early times in the studio when I had to shoot portrait shots of Sarah Fitz-Gerald, the world champion squash player.

These were shot in a small garage onto a black drop with just two studio lights and were shot on FILM !!!

How things of changed,

Tomorrow I am looking forward to working with multiple lights, in a full cyc studio and shooting tethered so I can see the images straight on the computer during the shoot.

Full post to follow after tomorrow’s shoot

Sarah Fitz-Gerald Studio shoot from 2001

Sneak Peak Feature Car #2

Feature car #2 for Australian Mustang and Ford Magazine, this is possably to be featured on the Front Cover

Keep an eye out for the full shoot of images coming soon….

Lamborghini Shoot

Photographing cars is such a thril especially when its a exotic.

So when I recently had to shoot a Lamboroghini delaership in Melbourne, you can imagine what some of the subject matter would be

The job was to showcase the dealership. So there was to be shots inside, outside and the service department.

My trusty SB800 Flash’s came in very handy. I used them inside to light inside of the delaership as well as down in the service department and then also outfront of the delaership to counter act the harsh sunlight. All the SB800’s were set up on light stands or on the AS-19 stands that come with units. They were triggered using Pocketwizards

Here are a couple of shots, click here for the rest of the shoot

Picture of the Day from my Archive – Aston Martin

Aston Martin DB9

More Images featured in Car Calendars

On Thursday I wrote about my work being featured in an Aston Martin Calendar

This time its about my Landrover images from these two shoots being featured in the same Landrover Calendar

This is the calendar they featured in