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Behind the scenes video of Car Magazine cover Shoot

Its been something I have been wanting to do for a while, that is to create a behind the scenes video of one of my photo shoots.

So this year I have started to shoot small amounts of video on my shoots either myself or by one of my assistants

The video below is one of my first  attempts

Picture of the Day from my Archive – Aston Martin

Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin Calendar Image use

A while back I wrote about my images being featured in a  VW Bus Calendar well the time has come again.

This time my image below from this shoot has been used in an Aston Martin Calendar

Nice to see my work published in print and to be paid in UK pounds also !!!

Review Camzilla Products

I recently was lucky enough to come into contact with an old business contact who was now running a new business venture.

Camzilla is part of Serious Media Australia, the TV Production company behind, amongst other things, the Serious Performance DVD series – Australia’s top-selling automotive DVDs from 1997 to 2006. Camzilla was formed to exploit the knowledge and experience gained from filming cars and other high-performance vehicles over this period.

From this the Camzilla CZ1 Universal Camera Mounting Kit was created.

So during conversations the offer was made for me to test some of the Camzilla products. First up was the CZ1 kit, as mentioned above


Taking photos for the fun of it

It has been a while since I have posted a blog on here. The last few months have been fairly busy shooting and processing jobs.

Im finally finished working through all my current work, so the last couple of weekends I have gone back to my discovering my love for photography.

The first weekend I had a play with some off camera flash. The subject was the family dog who likes to play with the garden hose whilst plants are being watered.
The set up for these was Nikon D300, Nikon 17-55mm lens and a Nikon SB800 connected to the camera via a Nikon SC-28 cord.
Results are below, reasonably happy how they turned out, even though they were taken for fun

Then last night a fellow photographer friend of mine, Brandon who has just moved out from the states, came over with his fiance for a few beers and nice Aussie BBQ.

After a few beers, the creative jucies started to flow, so out came the camera’s.
Brandon had been wanting to try the new TTL Pocketwizards, so I arranged to borrow a set of them for him to have a play with whilst I looked after the BBQ.
After dinner I decided to play with a couple of different products.
The Honl Photo Colour Filter kit & the newest product from Joby, the creators of the Gorillapod, the GorillaTorch
First up were Honl Photo Colour Filter kit . I  decided to use three different Nikon SB800’s with different gels on them to light the pool. Two SB800’s had a blue gel on them and the 3rd one had a green gel on it.
All three units were placed at different positions around the pool
The other product I wanted to try was the new GorillaTorch. I was using three of them in the same set up and was still using the gels as well..With these instead of sitting them in one postion  I moved around the pool using the torch to paint with light.
The results below show the various images I ended up with.
The painting with the torch was a lot of fun and worked very well considering the units run off just 3 AA batteries. Even when not using them to paint with they work very well to light the work area so you can see what you are doing.

Ford FPV F6 Photo Shoot

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my first job for photographing a Holden HSV R8

Ford FPV F6 Front Grill

Now I have just finished shooting a second car for the guys at TMR. This time it was for the other big Aussie car brand Ford. It was a Ford FPV F6. Not quite Fords answer to the HSV R8, as the R8 is a V8.
The F6 is truly something different. It runs a 4 cylinder engine but has the added benefit of a turbo charger to help it get its 310kw. It was certainly a lot different to drive, where the HSV R8’s power is delivered in more a smooth more controllable way the F6’s power comes on so brutally and from virtual nowhere thanks to the turbo.
Enough about me giving a road test report and onto the photography.
The R8 I shot last time was a very nice silver colour which worked so well at sunrise. The colour of the Ford was certainly brighter as it was called dash green and didn’t it look great.
For this shoot it was time to try a new spot I had recently found in the docklands area. It was a multistory car park that looked back to the city.
So this was the first location. I started with some static images with and without flash as well as some HDR images. They all turned out really well.

Ford FPV F6 HDR Images

Ford FPV F6 lit by flash

Ford FPV F6 HDR Images

I then got Sarah to do some passes up and down the car park in the F6 so I could get some tracking/moving images of the car.

Then I did some interior and detail images

Front grill lit by Nikon SB800's

Engine start button

Ford FPV F6 Interior

Next up it was down a couple of levels in the car park to do some rig photography.

I wanted to do something different to the HSV shoot, so new angles were in order.

The light in the car park was very patchy, near the edge it was really bright and great light and nearer the middle it would be ok and then would drop off as you went back into the shadows, but they turned out really well.

First one, I had the camera out the driver’s side of the car looking back at the side of the car. Again Sarah got behind the wheel to steer and position the car for me. We started slow and after a few passes gathered up some speed to try to get some different effects of blur.

This wasn’t really giving the effect I had in mind. So it was time for a new angle.

This time I moved the camera to look back at the front of the car but focusing on the front wheel.

Ford FPV Front Rig Shot

Ford FPV F6 Front Rig image

Finally I finished up with some more HDR images as well as some flash and sunset shots combined

Ford FPV F6 HDR Images

Ford FPV F6 HDR Images

Ford FPV F6 HDR Images

Ford FPV F6 HDR Images at Sunset

Ford FPV F6 at Sunset

Rest of the images are here

Ford FPV F6 Photo Shoot – Images by Joel Strickland

Holden Special Vehicles Clubsport R8

I picked up a new client recently, The Motor Report, an Australian automotive blog site. This came through my association with another blog site
My first job for them was a complete photo shoot of the new HSV Clubsport R8.
I was lucky enough to be able to collect the car the night before the shoot, which gave me the opportunity to photograph the car at dawn
I have wanted to shoot a car at dawn for a long time but time has never really allowed for it.
The light at that time of the morning is just perfect for photography. The glow in the sky is just perfect to work with

As the sun starts to come up, the sky lightens up but the shadows are still very dark. So I added in 3 Nikon Sb800's to add some light.

Just before the sun breaks thru the lights is just perfect

Great soft light at this time of the day, perfect for shooting logos and badging on the car as well

Instrument panel close up taken with 105mm Macro

Again shot with a 105mm macro lens

This location below I have used before, but at night. So I wanted to go back and try it during the day.

It is a nice location and works very well with the color of the R8.

HSV R8 Clubsport

HSV R8 Clubsport

For a very long period of time I have wanted to try a new piece of equipment that I had bought. The shoot with the R8 was the perfect opportunity to use it.
It is a part of rig system that I use to photograph cars in motion, from outside of the car.
I generally use car parks as the locations for this kind of photography, lots of room to work and the light is dark enough to get the right result.
Examples below

Rig photography

HSV Rig Shot

Last location of the day was for moving action shots. I use an old rail yard for this as its nice and long and lots of room

HSV Tracking shot

The rest of my images from the shoot are here

Holden HSV Clubsport R8 – Images by Joel Strickland