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Stopping to smell the flowers and to capture them on camera



Behind the scenes of Studio Car Shoot

Well after my last behind the scenes shoot video, I now have got a bit of handle of the editing of videos togther so I have created another one

This one was shot slightly different as it was shot using time lapse video instead of full motion video, it shows the work that went into moving the cars around the studio and the many movements of the lights involved to create the right effect.

The link to the video is below as well as the link to the full gallery of the final images

The client was Lumley Special Vehicle Insurance check them out if you need your pride and joy car insured

Thanks to Studio 1140 for the hire of the awesome studio and assistant Anthony

Gallery link click here

Behind the scenes video of Car Magazine cover Shoot

Its been something I have been wanting to do for a while, that is to create a behind the scenes video of one of my photo shoots.

So this year I have started to shoot small amounts of video on my shoots either myself or by one of my assistants

The video below is one of my first  attempts

Picture of the Day from my Archive

Geoff Argyle Rally of Canberra 2003

Picture of the Day from my Archive – Trio of Supercars

Timelapse video on drive to Sydney

Here is another video I shot recently but instead of using a SLR camera, this one was shot on Canon Ixus compact camera.

Built into the video mode on these camera’s is a time lapse option, which takes a image every 1 or 2 seconds and then turns them all into a video.

It renders the video on the fly, which is very handy, as the video is view-able straight away with out any delay.

The video below was shot on a recent drive during a drive from Melbourne to Sydney, camera was set up on small Manfrotto tripod and placed on the dash on the passenger side and left running

Happy with the results but can always do with fine tuning

AIMS – Melbourne Motorshow Press Kits

Press kits are generally given out to the Motorshow attending press members at the end of each presentation, each year there is different types and styles.

Here is a collection from Friday’s media day

Collection of Press kits from AIMS 2011

Press kits come in a common form these days - USB style

Range Rover Evoque Press book

Open up and

No its not a Land Rover Credit Card but a USB key loaded with release and images

Lamborghini took it up a notch by presenting as well a printed release a metal tin with leather covered USB key

Lamborghini printed on one side

Aventador printed on the other

Interesting way to present the all new Kia Rio press kit

Not really a press kit from Jaguar

But plant seeds do make a good "Green" statement

Audi Press kit came in its own metal tin and with a great small pen light