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Holden switches support for 2017 Supercar Championship

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Holden Australia has today confirmed its ongoing commitment to the Australian Supercar Championship.

But the big news is the choice of team that Holden have given their support too.


Redbull Racing has created the ultimate Sandman Tribute.

Tribute Edition Sandman

Australia loves the Panel Wagon, they always have, since Holden & Ford started selling them in the 50’s.

The best known was the Holden Sandman from the 70’s.



Well the RedBull Racing Australia V8 Supercars team have created the ultimate tribute to the famous Sandman.

Introducing the Triple Eight: Project Sandman Tribute Edition


Is this the new VF Holden Commodore SS ?

We have recently seen the release of the first images of the new VF Holden Commodore, which goes on sale later this year.

But so far we have really only seen images of the new Calais and Sportswagon.

So it was a surprise to find what looks like the new SS model parked by the side of the road in suburban Melbourne.

All the badges except for the front Holden badge were covered up, so hard to tell which model it may have been.

But the rear wing, SSV Redline wheels  and quad tail pipes are all give aways that this is actually the new VF SS Commodore.


It was very hard to see inside the car and from what I could see the interior was all covered with material
VF Commodore Joel Strickland 01 WEB

After spending 5 minutes having a good look over all of the car I have got to say that this is the sexiest Holden ever.

I can not wait to see and drive the full range, only a few months to wait, just need a release date now so I can start counting the sleeps.

Best time EVER to Buy a Holden is right now

0.5% Finance offer from Holden

There is currently no better time to buy a brand new Holden than right NOW.
The company have today announced that they will be offering 0.5% finance on almost the entire range of vehicles.
There is just two catches.
The first is that there are three models exceptions the Cruze CD, Cruze Equipe, HSV models and Colorado 4×2 models. This still does leave the entire Commodore range to select from including my favourite the Sportwagon.

The second is the offer is valid for only a week. It begins on Thursday 9th August and will run until close of business Wednesday 15th August.

I think it is the lowest finance rate we have ever seen in Australia from a manufacture.

It is an amazing offer, if I only I needed a new car, maybe if Lamborghini offered this it might be a different story.

If you were ever thinking about buying a new car or even a used car it may be worth checking out this offer as I am sure stocks wont last.

Full press Release and more details can be found after the jump.


Holden Colorado Concept launched at AIMS 2011

Holden are always a big one for reveals of new concepts at the Motor show and this year was no exception.

This year we got the new Colorado Concept, which is actually the third version of this concept as we have already seen two other versions.

The first version at the 32ndBangkok International Motor Show in March

The second one was at  the Buenos Aires International Auto Show in June

But this one is all Australian made and designed with head designer 26-year-old Monash graduate Ben Last working closely with GMs’ Colorado & Brazilian design studio with operations in Thailand and US to develop the final Australian show theme.

Looking forward now to see the final production version now, hopefully it won’t be to different to this concept

After the jump are two video’s that Holden showed at the Launch, both very cool and give us an insight into the how the concept was developed and built .

Also after the jump is the full press release from Holden.


AIMS – Melbourne Motorshow Press Kits

Press kits are generally given out to the Motorshow attending press members at the end of each presentation, each year there is different types and styles.

Here is a collection from Friday’s media day

Collection of Press kits from AIMS 2011

Press kits come in a common form these days - USB style

Range Rover Evoque Press book

Open up and

No its not a Land Rover Credit Card but a USB key loaded with release and images

Lamborghini took it up a notch by presenting as well a printed release a metal tin with leather covered USB key

Lamborghini printed on one side

Aventador printed on the other

Interesting way to present the all new Kia Rio press kit

Not really a press kit from Jaguar

But plant seeds do make a good "Green" statement

Audi Press kit came in its own metal tin and with a great small pen light

First Glimpse Of Holden’s New Mid-Sized Player

First Glimpse Of Holden’s New Mid-Sized Player

The first image of Holden’s new-generation mid-sized sedan has been released ahead of its global reveal as the Chevrolet Malibu.

Online fans will be among the first to glimpse the all-new mid-sized sedan when Holden’s sister brand, Chevrolet, unveils the Malibu on Facebook on Monday 18 April.

The Malibu Facebook reveal will be timed to coincide with the sedan’s public debut at Shanghai Auto Show on Tuesday 19 April.

Holden will bring the Malibu nameplate to Australia for the first time in 2012 with a line-up of fuel efficient and responsive four cylinder engines.

Holden Chairman and Managing Director Mike Devereux said the Chevrolet Malibu gave an indication of what to expect from Holden when it launched its version of the next-generation mid-sized sedan.

“The Malibu will play an important role within the Holden line-up, providing a spacious and efficient four-cylinder alternative for Australian customers,” Mr Devereux said.

“Malibu will bridge the gap between our incredibly successful Cruze small car and Australia’s favourite car, the best-selling Commodore.

“It will be a standout on the road, with striking styling in the same vein as recent additions to the GM portfolio, including the new-generation Barina and Cruze hatch.

“Like the Holden Cruze, Malibu will surprise customers with its array of clever technologies and features.”

Malibu will be the first Chevrolet mid-sized vehicle designed for the global market and will be sold in up to 100 countries around the world, including markets in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

Chevrolet will reveal the Malibu and host a live chat session on Facebook at 8:30pm EDT Monday 18 April (10:30am EST on Tuesday 19 April) at

Twitter: #malibureveal

The Chevrolet Malibu will also appear at the New York International Auto Show between 23 April and 1 May.