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Ford “Eleanor” Mustang Shoot Preview

Recently I did a shoot with one of my dream cars, a replica of the Mustang famously called “Eleanor”, from the Hollywood Movie, Gone in 60 Seconds 

I still remember back in 2000 when the film first came out, the trailer alone got you sucked in

The car that is the feature car is a 1967 Ford Mustang GT500 and it has gone on to being a cult car for fans of the movie.

So when I recently found out I would be photographing not one but three of them recently, you can imagine my excitement.

The shoot has been and gone now.

I am still working through the images and it will be a while before the mag with the feature in it will hit the stands.

But I do have a sneak peak  image.



Random image from Calder Park

Last month when I was out at Calder Park for the ARC Launch I came across this old sign on the tunnel under the Thunderdome, it made for interesting image I thought.

Another Image from Subaru WRX STI Shoot

Sneak Peak from today’s Subaru WRX STI Shoot

Front page of Australian Mustang and Ford Magazine

It has been a while since I last scored a front cover of a magazine.

So it great to recently see my work featured on the front cover of issue 2 of a brand new magazine, Australian Mustang and Ford Magazine

The subject of the shoot was a beautiful 1965 Ford Mustang, it was an amazing looking car and came up so well in the shoot

I even got to shoot some rig shots during the shoot, using the Camzilla product, which I recently blogged about here

I also managed to find time to do a full car rig shot also

Nissan 370Z Photoshoot

This blog post goes back to June last year, finally trying to catch up on these, so keep a eye out for more old post’s to come through.

I was never a big fan of the old Nissan 350Z, but when I first saw the 370Z unveiled at the Melbourne Motor show in 2009, I liked what I saw.

The new clean and sharp lines are much more pleasing to the eye then the old 350Z.

So when I got the call to photograph the new 370Z, I was keen to see what the rest of the car was like.

The car we had for the day was a stunning pearl white called Shiro White, Shiro is the Japanese word for white.

First spot for the day was the side of an old warehouse down in the docklands area which I hadn’t used for a while.

For the first few shots I just used the natural light that was around

Nissan 370Z at first location


Holden HSV R8 Tourer Photo Shoot

A few months ago I shot the HSV Clubsport R8 sedan which was a great fun car, so when the opportunity to drive and photograph a Tourer version of the Clubsport, I jumped at it. The Tourer is the wagon version of the sedan.

I only had the car overnight and in the mid of winter the weather isn’t always the best, and on this night in particular it started ok but no sooner did I get to the first photo location that the heavens opened and it poured with rain.

Holden HSV R8 Tourer in the rain

Holden HSV R8 Tourer in the rain

Holden HSV R8 Tourer in the rain

So at this first location I only shot a couple of angles as it was really starting to pour.

To continue with the shoot I need to get me and the car out of the rain, so we headed to one of the multistory car parks I use in Docklands to finish the shoot under cover.

Because of it being night and the car park isn’t overly well lit, I used my trusty Nikon SB800’s to light the car.
They helped a whole lot and the images came out quite well

Holden HSV R8 Tourer in carpark lit by SB800

Holden HSV R8 Tourer in carpark lit by SB800

Using the flash’s can give you some great intense lighting results as you can see above

Using some HDR work I got a nice interior shot also.

Holden HSV R8 Tourer interior

I would love to have had longer with the car but time just didn’t allow

The rest of the images are here

2009 HSV Clubsport R8 Tourer – Images by Joel Strickland