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Ford Performance Racing to continue on unaffected by FPV announcement

Great to hear that things with Ford Performance Racing will not change with today’s Ford Australia & Ford Performance Vehicles announcement.

Should only mean great things for FPR with Prodrive now focusing more of their efforts on the race team.

The full release from FPR is after the jump



Ford Australia takes back full control of FPV

News came through today that Ford Australia & Prodrive have come to an agreement on the future of Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV).

Ford Australia will take back full control of FPV and will bring all control of the brand back in under the direction of Ford Australia.

The sad news is that they will be closing down the current FPV engine production and assembly plant and it will also mean the loss of 32 jobs of the current FPV staff.

The good news is that this will secure the future of the FPV brand in Australia and could also mean the possibility of FPV badge making its way onto other Ford products.

The full release on the announcement is after the jump


Ford Performance Vehicles launches new GT RSPEC Limited edition model

At a time when the future of Ford Australia is up in the air it is good to see Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) today release it’s most explosive GT model to date.
The new GT RSPEC Limited edition will be available in sedan and ute versions.

This new model follows on from the 125 limited edition GT Black editions that were released 12 months ago. That model was created after the amount of positive feedback received by FPV from their Concept that was shown as last year’s International Motor show.
FPV has spent 18 months developing this new version which will feature the “Miami” 335kw based Supercharged engine.
The new GT RSPEC, was developed to improve the GT’s performance on the racetrack and for it to become the best performing GT ever. The team at FPV wanted to offer more agile handerling and better traction.
In order to do this significant work had to be done on the suspension, instead of just adding a few go fast parts.
The team did significant work on upgrading and tuning the GT’s current suspension, both in the front and rear. Larger tyres and wheels have been fitted to improved cornerning grip.
For the first time ever Launch Control has been fitted and will be available on both manual and automatic models.
The new “C” strip featured on the side of the cars is inspired by the 1969 Boss Mustang.

This limited edition range of GT RSPEC will be limited to a run of just 350 units. 175 of those will be the “Hero” Silhouette (Black) with Vixen (Red) accents. The remaining 175 units will be in a mix of Winter White, Vixen and Kinetic Blue all with the Silhouette (Black) accents.

The NSW Police has already ordered one of the Winter White versions to use on patrol.

FPV also announced today that there will be releasing a limited edition Ute model.
The “Pursuit” Ute will be limited to just 75 units and will be only available in Silhouette (Black) with Vixen (Red) “C” strip accents. It will be the smallest ever limited run off ute models FPV have done.

For the full details as to exact specifications see the full press releases and more images after the jump


AIMS – Melbourne Motorshow Press Kits

Press kits are generally given out to the Motorshow attending press members at the end of each presentation, each year there is different types and styles.

Here is a collection from Friday’s media day

Collection of Press kits from AIMS 2011

Press kits come in a common form these days - USB style

Range Rover Evoque Press book

Open up and

No its not a Land Rover Credit Card but a USB key loaded with release and images

Lamborghini took it up a notch by presenting as well a printed release a metal tin with leather covered USB key

Lamborghini printed on one side

Aventador printed on the other

Interesting way to present the all new Kia Rio press kit

Not really a press kit from Jaguar

But plant seeds do make a good "Green" statement

Audi Press kit came in its own metal tin and with a great small pen light

Could this be the next Ford 2012 FPV GT or Falcon ?

Digitally Altered Image of 2013 Taurus with FPV Logos

Could this be what the 2012 Ford Performance Vehicle (FPV) GT or even the 2011 Ford Faclon could look like ?

Ford USA last week at the New York Motorshow released the first look at the 2013 Ford Taurus, but the interesting point to come out this announcement is the fact that this design as well the V6 will be part of the new global “One Ford” corporate look. Which could mean this is what the next face lift of the Falcon, and as a result FPV range, could look like.

Ford is also already planing for the new Taurus’s engine the 2.0-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost to be a global Engine and to feature in the next Falcon facelift. It also has also now confirmed that the new 3.5-liter Ecoboost V6 which was featured in the Taurus will be part of the global range and could be offered in the next Falcon along side the 2.0Litre.

The Ecoboost Series of engines by Ford have already been on sale in the states for the last 18 months and features a turbocharger in conjunction with direct gasoline injection which results in boosted engine output, improved fuel economy and reduced engine emissions.

Will be interesting to see if the new Falcon does go down this design path as I think its a very nice looking shape and would suit the FPV range of models very well.


Ford Performance Vehicles Open Day

The Ford Performance Vehicles Open Day was held at the end of January, unfortunately the weather was not the best, with it raining for a fair percentage of the day. But it did not put off the crowds, with a big turn out. The FPR race team also opened their doors to the fans

Images below as well as link to full gallery of pictures

Click here for full gallery of images

2010 Year in Review – Joel Strickland Photographics

Well 2010 is almost over and on the eve of my last photo shoot for 2010

I thought I would pull together a selection of my images from 2010 from all the different events I have covered and throw them into a slide show using a program I have been using called Animoto

The result is listed below