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Red Bull Formula 1 Team visit New York City

David Coulthard - Action

Red Bull Racing just love to do unique displays around the world using their Formula 1 cars, which they call show runs.

They have done these show runs in places like Berlin, Australia, Seoul, Kiev, Moscow and Austin in the lead up to the Texas GP track opening. They even have a full support team which travels to these events which brings the Showcar to these event.
This separate squad was established in 2005 to take a full-spec Formula One car to places and countries where there are no races, to give them a taste of F1. From South Africa to Russia, from Japan to Jamaica, the team’s drivers have been providing the fastest street entertainment on the planet ever since.

So with the Grand Prix of America planned in the next few years to be held in New York, it was due to be held this year but has been postponed until 2014, Red Bull Racing thought it would be good the take Red Bull Running F1 Showcar to the East Coast.

Driven by Red Bull ambassador David Coulthard, the RB7 championship-winning car visited New York and drove through Liberty State Park, the Lincoln Tunnel and the streets of the race course, which winds through both Weehawken and West New York.

The next day, the car toured Liberty State Park, showcasing the spectacular views of the New York City skyline as well as the Statue of Liberty. Feeling ever so patriotic, the car ‘sang’ the Star Spangled Banner as the sun was setting.

Moving on to a link between New York and New Jersey, the car made an overnight drive in the Lincoln Tunnel. Reaching staggering speeds, it no doubt set the record for fastest commute from NYC to New Jersey. Wrapping up the car’s American vacation, it became the first Formula One car to lay rubber on the Grand Prix of America streets, bringing residents out of their homes to catch the historic sight.

For more photos and videos from the demonstration follow the jump


Interview with Formula 1 Photographer Darren Heath

Jaguar Valencia 2002

I still remember the day when I first saw Darren Heath’s work in a copy of F1 Racing magazine.

I was just amazed at the detail and how he photographed parts of the cars, like tyres, wings and badges.

I was in the very early days of my Photography career at that time and his images were an amazing influence on my work. I still think back to those images and how he used the light to capture the most amazing shots, even today I still have those images in my mind when I go on shoots.

The day I first met Darren was a massive buzz.

After such a long time of admiring his work, I was glad I plucked up the courage to introduce myself to him at the 2003 Australian Grand Prix. He was so great to speak to and very approachable and answered all the questions I had.

I recently caught up with Darren on his last trip to Australia for the Melbourne F1 GP.

Over a few beers I took the opportunity to come up with a list of questions to put to Darren to find out more about him and his Photography career.

So please find below my interview with Darren Heath  and enjoy some of fantastic photos along the way.


New Episodes of Awesome Formula 1 McLaren Cartoon series

McLaren Animation Tooned Series

There has never really been a good series of Motorsport based cartoons since the days of Speed Racer

But that has all changed with the team at McLaren teaming up with an animation studio to create their own series called “Tooned”

It featuring their own drivers Lewis Hamilton

and Jensen Button playing themselves

It is very clever idea by McLaren and it is very well done and has a very Pixar feel about it.

Each episode is very funny and very well scripted. It will be interesting to see how many episodes they do.

If you have seen the first episode then the latest ones are below.
If you haven’t seen any of them, then Episodes 1-3 are below to enjoy.

If you haven’t seen the two previous episodes check them out below


Pirelli Tyre Compounds Revealed for F1 rounds Bahrain, Spain and Monaco

Pirelli has revealed the tyre nominations for rounds four to six of this year’s FIA Formula One World Championship in Bahrain, Spain and Monaco.

In Bahrain, the P Zero White medium tyre and P Zero Yellow soft tyre will be raced (the same nomination as Australia and China so far this year). In Spain, the P Zero Silver hard and P Zero Yellow soft will be used: the first time that this combination makes an appearance this year. Finally, the P Zero Yellow soft and P Zero Red supersoft will be seen in Monte Carlo – with the softest tyre in Pirelli’s 2012 range making its debut this season.

The tyre choice for Bahrain takes into account the hot temperatures and medium-grip characteristics of the Middle Eastern circuit. The hard tyre will be seen in Spain to cope with the high lateral loads that the tyres have to deal with at the Circuit de Catalunya, coupled with the soft tyre in order to enhance the opportunities for different strategies.

Monte Carlo is the slowest and most twisty circuit of the year, so the supersoft makes its debut to maximise the grip available over the course of this short lap.

The rules stipulate that under normal circumstances each team will receive six sets of the harder compound and five sets of the softer compound for the race weekend. Pirelli will also bring its Cinturato Green intermediate tyre for damp track conditions (four sets per driver) as well as the Cinturato Blue rain tyre (three sets per driver) to each race.

Pirelli’s motorsport director Paul Hembery commented: “Our nominations this year are designed to push the envelope of performance, as can be seen from our latest choices.

Only the supersoft tyre is the same compound as last year: the other compounds are softer and therefore faster, designed to encourage closer racing as well as a wider variety of strategies.” The tyre choices so far:

PZero Red PZero Yellow PZero White PZero Silver

Mercedes-AMG Official F1™ Safety Car & Medical Car Photo History

Mercedes-AMG is set to feature prominently in the 2012 Formula 1 season: the opening race in Melbourne, Australia (16 – 18 March 2012) will not only witness the debut of the newly christened MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 team, but also the return of the Official F1™ Safety Car and the Official F1™ Medical Car from Mercedes-AMG. The SLS AMG and C 63 AMG Estate ensure maximum safety in extreme conditions.

The gullwing model, with its characteristic roof lights and distinctive FIA and F1 logos on its aluminium body, has been deployed in the role of official Safety Car for Formula 1 since 2010. As soon as Race Control considers that the safe progress of the race may be impeded, it sends the SLS AMG out onto the track. “Poor weather conditions or accidents are the main reasons for deploying the Safety Car,” according to Bernd Mayländer, driver of the Official F1™ Safety Car. “We remain on standby in the pits and receive the order to go out onto the track via radio.

Then it’s a case of leading the field safely around the circuit until the dangerous situation has been dealt with.”

AMG has provided the Safety Cars and Medical Cars for 16 years – read on for the full Mercedes Press release and a special photo history of some of the past Safety and Medical cars.


Video from Singapore F1 Grand Prix Sony A77 DSLR Test

In my recent three part blog on my trip to Singapore  I talked about the video mode on the camera, I have edited up some footage from the trip link is below.

Singapore F1 Grand Prix & Sony A77 DSLR Review – Part 3

Sony A77 with 70-200mm - 1/320 sec @f5.6

Now to complete the last part of my three part report from the Sony Singapore Test Trip

Here is the rest of the images I shot from Turn 5, the spot allowed you to shoot the head on and three quarter images, like I showed you in part 2 and the one above.

Sony A77 with 70-200mm - 1/100 sec @f2.8

The spot also allowed you to shoot a nice pan shot of the cars as they came out of the corner.

Cars are moving very fast through here and it was a short window of opportunity but when you got it right they came out so well.

Sony A77 with 70-200mm - 1/30 @f3.2

There were some really big lanterns on the other side of the track that made for a great background blur in some of the shots.

Sony A77 with 70-200mm - 1/100 sec @f2.8

There was so much light being pumped out at the track that all of these image were shot at around 100 iso, great to work with for a night event, but no challenge for the Sony which has great iso all the way through its range.

Even the F1 Photographers thought the spot was good

Sony A77 with 70-200mm - 1/400 sec @f5.6

Sony A77 with 70-200mm - 1/800 @f2.8

At the other end of the scale, with a fast enough shutter speed you could actually capture some good close up’s of the driver in the car.

At the end of the race and after the podium presentation we managed to get on to the track to have a quick walk around and to take the obligatory photo standing on the track.

Crowds out on track after race

Me standing on the main straight after the race

Crowds walk down the main straight after the race

Close up of the track surface

For the final day there was a few more sights to see to test the camera on.

First stop was the Equinox Restaurant at the Swissotel, which had an awesome view back out over Singapore.

View from Equinox Restaurant at the Swissotel

View from Equinox Restaurant at the Swissotel

Boat on the Singapore River shot using miniature mode

Boats on the Singapore River shot with toy camera effect

I also used this situation to test out all of the different picture effect’s built into the camera, which you can see in the video below.

Final stop on our last night was the Marina Bay Sands Casino Complex where we can try the camera at dusk and at night.

Inside the Marina Bay Casino Shopping Area

The Marina Bay Sands even has its own little canal

Outside looking back across to Singapore skyline

Sweep panorama of the skyline

A bride and groom walk along the outside boardwalk

The Marina Bay Sands Sky Park Bar

The Marina Bay Sky Park Bar

The view of the Singapore skyline from the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

The view of the Singapore skyline from the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

Looking back down at the Singapore Flyer and behind that the F1 GP Pit Area

Sweep Panorama at night from Marina Bay Sands Sky Deck

Miniature mode shot looking down at foot bridge below

This was the end of our trip as the next day we flew back to Australia.

There are more shots from trip in a gallery here, as I haven’t posted them all up in my blog.

So to finish up and complete my review of the camera.

It is an awesome camera, with fantastic features, a huge sensor, really good battery life and really high quality video. (I will post up my video shot with this camera when I have finished the edit, keep an eye of for that post)

For someone that is wanting to get into Motorsport Photography, this camera is perfect.

With the high frame rate, autofocus and focus tracking. And when fitted with either the 70-200mm f2.8 or the 70-400mm F4-5.6 and used with the smart teleconverter it is a powerful kit to use at the track.

For the Landscape/Travel photographer the A77 is an extremely good value for money camera as I don’t know many other camera’s that are under $2k that have a 24mpx sensor and these sort of features and is so easy to travel with.

Also the files that come of the camera, even the JPG’s,  are so good that the images need very little work in photoshop and are virtually read to go out of camera.

The only area where I didn’t really get to try the camera was working with skin tones and portraits, hopefully I may be able to get another unit to try from Sony.

Finally thanks must go to Sony Australia for allowing me to be part of this fantastic trip and to be able to have this opportunity to test this camera ahead of its Australian release, and in particular to Jamie Wong for being a great host to us all whilst in Singapore.