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Limited-Edition Hot Hatch Joins Ford Fiesta Lineup

We don’t get many limited edition small Ford’s down under.

Sure we have had lots of limited edition Ford Performance Vehicles but the small car/hot hatches are often forgotten about.

The last limited edition Ford we had down under was the 2011 Ford Focus RS


That was limited to just 315 units and were all sold out before the car even landed here.

But we now have a new Ford limited edition to get excited about.

The Ford Fiesta Metal is due here in September and will be limited to just 250 examples.

The cars will come straight from Ford’s factory in Germany and looks to have a nice selection of additions.

It will be interesting to see how they sell and if they are again all sold before the car’s land here.

I wonder if Ford Australia might have one spare that I could maybe road test ????

For more photos and the full release click for more


Ken Blocks Gymkhana 5 is now live and its awesome… with Photo Gallery

Well its finally here.
Gymkhana 5 dropped onto youtube about 8 hrs or so ago now and its already up to half a million views.

What a show it is, the city of San Francisco opened up their world famous city to Block and his crew with unprecedented access to the city and the its streets.
Not only do Ken Block and his team deserve a big thank you for bringing us this great film but a big thank you should go to the people of San Franscio for letting Block film his epic Gymkhana 5 there.

The video and gallery of images are after the jump


Ken Block’s Gymkhana 5 Teaser #3 plus Photos

As promised here is the next Gymkhana 5 (#GYM5) trailer as well as some teaser still images that were also released this week.
Not long now till Gymkhana 5 drops

Ken Block GYM5 Teaser Image with Travis Pastrana

More images and the teaser after the jump


Ken Block’s Gymkhana 5 Teasers continue

It is less than a week until Gymkhana 5 (#Gym5 hashtag on Twitter) drops on Youtube, July 9th to be exact but it will be the early hours of the 10th here in Australia.

Block today had released the second trailer for Gymkhana 5, the video is below, the first trailer was released on the 25th of June and already has close to half a million views, it is also below if you havent seen it.

Check back here on the 9th of July (or the 10th if you are downunder) for the full Gymkhana 5 video as soon as it launches, we will also bring you any other trailers as they are launched.

Trailer 2

Trailer 1


Yep the wait is almost over.

Ken Block and Gymkhana are back.

July 9th is the date to put in your diary. It looks like it will again be an epic video from Ken Block & his team


Full Release below


JUNE 18th, 2012 – Huntington Beach, California – After much anticipation, Ken Block and DC Shoes are proud to announce the coming of Gymkhana FIVE, which will debut globally on Monday, July 9th at 10 AM EST via the DC ShoesYouTube channel. Filmed on the streets of San Francisco, California, Gymkhana FIVE builds on the previous successes of the Gymkhana viral video series and it’s 140+ million views.

 “My idea for Gymkhana FIVE was simple,” said Block. “I wanted to build on the ultimate playground concept from Gymkhana THREE, and bring the franchise back to that raw and fast feel that the earlier videos had. I’ve always wanted to film a Gymkhana video in a city and there are few places as unique and iconic with such amazing topography as San Francisco. While movies like Bullit and various chase scenes have tried to use San Francisco to the fullest, I’m pretty confident that I’ve proven there was a lot left to be done on those amazing streets!”

 Without question, the streets of San Francisco make Gymkhana FIVE the most unique project to date in the franchise’s history. And for good measure, a few world records and a surprise guest have been thrown in too. Making a return for the second year in a row is Block’s Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V. racecar, which can be seen slaying its tires on the streets of San Francisco globally on the July 9th release date. For select media and action sport VIPs, DC will premiere the video on Friday, June 29th during Summer X Games 18.

Ken Blocks Gymkhana 4 Video is now online

It doesnt seem that long ago that Gymkhana his our screen but today Ken Block has released Gymkhana 4
While GK4 is not on the scale of GK3, it is big on another scale and that is Hollywood scale.
Block has teamed up with the guys and girls at Universal Studios to film GK4 on the studios back lot.
See how many sets you recognise
For the Australian fans of Ken Block, this perfect timing as it is a little over two weeks until he touches down in Australia as part of his awesome world tour.
Until then enjoy GK4 !!!


JULY 25, 2011, Los Angeles, California – Ken Block revealed his newest weapon—a multi-purpose race car, built specifically to compete in stage rally, rallycross and gymkhana events—this past weekend at the Gymkhana World Tour in Los Angeles, California. The Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle (H.F.H.V.), or just ‘Hybrid’ as it has been dubbed, gets its name not from its method of propulsion, but instead from its ability to transform and race at the highest level for each of these motorsport disciplines, making it one of the most unique and versatile competition vehicles ever built.

“Many people may not realize this, but despite the fundamental similarities between stage rally, rallycross and gymkhana, in order to be the best at each, you must have specific built vehicles,” says Block. “My WRC Fiesta just can’t do what my Gymkhana Fiesta can, and vice versa. But having to campaign three separate cars is a nightmare, so we built one car that can be transformed to suit each form of racing I do on the highest level.”

The chassis of the H.F.H.V. is based on M-Sport’s current 2011 Ford Fiesta RS WRC car, but in order to achieve the power outputs required for both rallycross and gymkhana, the 1.6L engine has been replaced with a Pipo Moteurs-built 2.0L, inline-four cylinder. This mill is based off the power plant found previously in the Ford Focus RS WRC car, a motor that has over 10 years of development. The result is a massive 600hp and 665 ft. lbs. of torque when using the 45mm restrictor required by the Global Rally Cross series. While the 2.0l engine makes the H.F.H.V. ineligible for WRC competition, the addition of a 34mm restrictor will allow the car to compete in the Rally America series. Engine management is handled by Cosworth Electronics.

Mated to the Ford EcoBoost motor is a custom AWD system designed by Sadev. The drivetrain features a 6-speed Sadev sequential transmission and three adjustable Sadev mechanical differentials. Different gear ratios are used for each of the Hybrid’s three modes. To handle the varying surface conditions, specific Reiger suspension set-ups have been developed for each of the three modes.

“The H.F.H.V. is the best of all worlds for me,” says Block. “The current WRC Fiesta is the greatest handling car I have driven, but it lacks the sheer grunt that the 2.0L engine in the WRC Focus created. The H.F.H.V. brings those two things together, and the result is a manic beast that is just too much fun to drive.”

The transformations from each of the modes range from half a day, to a whole day’s work. The rallycross and gymkhana set-ups are the most similar, but each discipline still requires different gear ratios, entirely different suspension settings, as well as a different wheel and tire combo in addition to engine mapping adjustments. The conversion to stage rally, however, is even more involved, including an entire relocation of the cooling system from back to front, a smaller brake set-up, the addition of a Recaro Ultima seat for a co-driver, a smaller turbo and items such as functional headlights to replace the faux lamps to make the H.F.H.V. road worthy.

The H.F.H.V. was a collaborative project between the Monster World Rally Team and a assortment of some of the world’s top technical partners.

Ken Block will race the H.F.H.V. at Summer X Games 17, taking place in Los Angeles, California, July 30th and 31st. Until then, follow the team at, and