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Ford Performance accessories now available for Australian Mustang Owners

Ford Australia has announced that owners of the Ford Mustang can now order Ford Performance upgrades direct from their dealer.



Outside the Oval Art Exhibition and the new 2014 Ford Falcon XR8

Outside the Oval - Ford Australia - Exhibition - 1000 Pound Bend Gallery - October 2014

There are a lot of talented artist’s in Australia.

Ford Australia and in particular the Ford Design Melbourne and its staff are home to a lot of that talent.

So recently a exhibition was created to showcase this talent, it was called Outside the Oval and it featured work by the talented staff and was also run to raise money for charity.

It was held at the 1000 £ Bend Studio in the Melbourne CBD over the weekend of October 4th & 5th 2014.

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Ford Australia to close down Australian Production – What does future hold for FPV & FPR?

Ford Australia

Ford Australia have today announced that they willcease Australian production of the Falcon, Territory and Ute at the end of October 2016.
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Ford Performance Racing to continue on unaffected by FPV announcement

Great to hear that things with Ford Performance Racing will not change with today’s Ford Australia & Ford Performance Vehicles announcement.

Should only mean great things for FPR with Prodrive now focusing more of their efforts on the race team.

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Ford Australia takes back full control of FPV

News came through today that Ford Australia & Prodrive have come to an agreement on the future of Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV).

Ford Australia will take back full control of FPV and will bring all control of the brand back in under the direction of Ford Australia.

The sad news is that they will be closing down the current FPV engine production and assembly plant and it will also mean the loss of 32 jobs of the current FPV staff.

The good news is that this will secure the future of the FPV brand in Australia and could also mean the possibility of FPV badge making its way onto other Ford products.

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Ford Performance Vehicles launches new GT RSPEC Limited edition model

At a time when the future of Ford Australia is up in the air it is good to see Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) today release it’s most explosive GT model to date.
The new GT RSPEC Limited edition will be available in sedan and ute versions.

This new model follows on from the 125 limited edition GT Black editions that were released 12 months ago. That model was created after the amount of positive feedback received by FPV from their Concept that was shown as last year’s International Motor show.
FPV has spent 18 months developing this new version which will feature the “Miami” 335kw based Supercharged engine.
The new GT RSPEC, was developed to improve the GT’s performance on the racetrack and for it to become the best performing GT ever. The team at FPV wanted to offer more agile handerling and better traction.
In order to do this significant work had to be done on the suspension, instead of just adding a few go fast parts.
The team did significant work on upgrading and tuning the GT’s current suspension, both in the front and rear. Larger tyres and wheels have been fitted to improved cornerning grip.
For the first time ever Launch Control has been fitted and will be available on both manual and automatic models.
The new “C” strip featured on the side of the cars is inspired by the 1969 Boss Mustang.

This limited edition range of GT RSPEC will be limited to a run of just 350 units. 175 of those will be the “Hero” Silhouette (Black) with Vixen (Red) accents. The remaining 175 units will be in a mix of Winter White, Vixen and Kinetic Blue all with the Silhouette (Black) accents.

The NSW Police has already ordered one of the Winter White versions to use on patrol.

FPV also announced today that there will be releasing a limited edition Ute model.
The “Pursuit” Ute will be limited to just 75 units and will be only available in Silhouette (Black) with Vixen (Red) “C” strip accents. It will be the smallest ever limited run off ute models FPV have done.

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Limited-Edition Hot Hatch Joins Ford Fiesta Lineup

We don’t get many limited edition small Ford’s down under.

Sure we have had lots of limited edition Ford Performance Vehicles but the small car/hot hatches are often forgotten about.

The last limited edition Ford we had down under was the 2011 Ford Focus RS


That was limited to just 315 units and were all sold out before the car even landed here.

But we now have a new Ford limited edition to get excited about.

The Ford Fiesta Metal is due here in September and will be limited to just 250 examples.

The cars will come straight from Ford’s factory in Germany and looks to have a nice selection of additions.

It will be interesting to see how they sell and if they are again all sold before the car’s land here.

I wonder if Ford Australia might have one spare that I could maybe road test ????

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