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Nissan 370Z Photoshoot

This blog post goes back to June last year, finally trying to catch up on these, so keep a eye out for more old post’s to come through.

I was never a big fan of the old Nissan 350Z, but when I first saw the 370Z unveiled at the Melbourne Motor show in 2009, I liked what I saw.

The new clean and sharp lines are much more pleasing to the eye then the old 350Z.

So when I got the call to photograph the new 370Z, I was keen to see what the rest of the car was like.

The car we had for the day was a stunning pearl white called Shiro White, Shiro is the Japanese word for white.

First spot for the day was the side of an old warehouse down in the docklands area which I hadn’t used for a while.

For the first few shots I just used the natural light that was around

Nissan 370Z at first location


Nissan 370Z Shoot on