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Its been a very busy past few weeks… Sorry for the lack of blogging…

The past five weeks have been really busy with photography jobs, post production and my latest venture, writing.

So this has kept me away from blogging.

But don’t worry Il be back blogging soon with lots of stories to tell.

But in the meantime you can read my recent writing work on The Smoking Tire & Hooniverse websites, two great USA car culture sites.

Ford “Eleanor” Mustang Shoot Preview

Recently I did a shoot with one of my dream cars, a replica of the Mustang famously called “Eleanor”, from the Hollywood Movie, Gone in 60 Seconds 

I still remember back in 2000 when the film first came out, the trailer alone got you sucked in

The car that is the feature car is a 1967 Ford Mustang GT500 and it has gone on to being a cult car for fans of the movie.

So when I recently found out I would be photographing not one but three of them recently, you can imagine my excitement.

The shoot has been and gone now.

I am still working through the images and it will be a while before the mag with the feature in it will hit the stands.

But I do have a sneak peak  image.


Front cover of Issue 6 of Australian Mustang & Ford Magazine

Two front covers in a week is a great feeling.

Turning up in my inbox this week was preview of the next edition of Australian Mustang & Ford Magazine with my image on the front cover.

This time it is something a little bit different as its the first cover shoot we have done with a model, so far it looks good with the front cover image. I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the shoot come us in the mag.

Full shoot and mag layout to come in the next week or so as the magazine is due to hit the stands very soon.



Front Cover of Tarmac Magazine – Ken Block Edition

After shooting Ken Block’s Melbourne Gymkhana event last month, time has almost arrived for the feature issue of Tarmac magazine to hit the news stands

This week I got first look at the draft front cover of the magazine, it is still a work in progress but it looks good so far.

More images and full feature to come soon when its all finished




Behind the scenes video of Car Magazine cover Shoot

Its been something I have been wanting to do for a while, that is to create a behind the scenes video of one of my photo shoots.

So this year I have started to shoot small amounts of video on my shoots either myself or by one of my assistants

The video below is one of my first  attempts

Sneak Peak of Front Cover of Issue 5 of Australian Mustang & Ford Magazine

The next issue is not due out for another couple of weeks but here is a sneak peak of the front cover featuring my photo shoot of a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

Il post up the full shoot once the magazine hits the stands.

Sneak Peak of Front Cover of Issue 4 of Aus Mustang & Ford Mag

Last month I briefly spoke about the recent shoots I had been doing for Australian Mustang & Ford Magazine and I showed you a sneak peak of the possible cover car  well I have been given a sneak peak at the front cover, the issue is due to hit the stands very soon.

Also featured in the mag will be my full shoot of this car as well.

Once the magazine hits the stands I will post the rest of the shoot up for you all to see

In the meantime if you like what you see in the magazine, you can sign up for a subscription to this great magazine, might have to see if we can organise a sign up offer for my followers……