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This awesome looking classic car is real and you can buy it

Bristol Bullet

There is a new retro designed car on the market and it comes from a car maker that has not produced a model since 2003.

Bristol Bullet

Called the Bristol Bullet, it is hand made from carbon fibre composites and features a 370hp 4.8-litre BMW V8 engine, which propels the car from 0-62mph in 3.8 secs and is capable of a top speed of 155 mph.

Bristol Bullet

On the inside the Bullet features wood grain or carbon fibre panelling, seats with  modern equipment such as multiple touch screens that feature digital radio, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. There is even a button to assist in direction direct to the Bristol showroom in London.

The idea for the creation of the car came from an interesting place, Bristol Cars was rescued from administration in 2011 by Fraser Nash Research, the new owners discovered a Speedster which had been left hidden in a corner of the factory.

The design of the Bullet pays tribute to Bristol heritage of an Aeroplane manufacturer, with the wings, front grill and bonnet all influenced by the companies history.

The Bullet has been launched to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of Bristol Cars Limited, which started out as an Airplane company in 1908. The company first started making cars in response to the end of World War 1 when the down turn in the Aircraft industry forced the company to change direction in order to save their workforce.


Bristol’s first car was called the 400 and was built by the Aeroplane company’s car division in 1945, the Bristol Car division went on to be formed in 1947.

The last car the company sold prior to the release of the Bullet, was the Bristol Fighter in 2004. The Fighter featured the Dodge Viper V10 engine and gull wing doors.

The Bullet will make its first full public debut at the UK Salon Privé event from September 1st to 3rd.

Photo Source Bristol Cars


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