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April 5th & 6th Weekend Motorsport Wrap



This year I will be writing Motorsport Weekend Wrap stories for the team over at Daily Auto Fix 

My first one went up earlier this week and you can find the link to it here

It is going to be a massive year of Motorsport in 2014.

There are with big changes in a lot of different Championships around the world,  here are just a couple of exciting things to keep an eye out for.

  • Expanded calendars and new entrants in both Global & World RallyCross Championships.
  • All new rules and cars in both F1 and WTCC .
  • New rookies in Formula Drift
  • New teams & Cars in the ARC
  • Mark Webbers change from F1 to WEC and Porsche’s reentry to WEC

So keep an eye out for my reports thought out the year



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