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Product Review – iBolt Vehicle Phone Dock


We recently spoke about the new laws banning use of mobile phones in cars, when we tested the in car phone handsfree device.

Now we have tested a new in car phone phone holder called the iBolt vehicle dock.

Read on for our full review.


The Dock is designed to hold your phone via a suction cup to either the cars dash or windscreen. The phone can be then viewed either horizontally or vertically, perfect if you want to use as just a phone holder or as in car GPS unit.


The iBolt also comes with a aux/charging cable, which has two parts to it. One end of it is attached to the dock, which plugs into the bottom of the phone. The other end has two plugs, one which is a USB which can then be plugged into a Car Cigarette Charger to charge your phone. The other plug is a 3.5mm audio plug that can be plugged into a audio socket to allow you to play audio straight from you phone apps through the cars stereo.

During my testing of the product I listened to audio through the iBolt using a Podcast app  and the quality was very good with volume control easily handled by the car stereo. The charger works very well in keeping your phone topped up.


The iBolt is an fantastic product and it works extremely well and I would highly recommend it for anyone that needs a phone holder for the car.

To buy one of these must have items check out the range here 

Footnote. The author was provided one of these units free of charge in return for this review.


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