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Product Review – Clip and Talk Bluetooth Car Kit V3+


With the fines for using a mobile whilst driving on the increase, not to mention the huge amount of demerit points that it also attracts, it is more important than ever to make sure you use a hands free kit when using your phone in the car.

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There are lots of different versions on the market, so what do you look for in a unit?

Good battery life
Easy to use
Simple setup
Excellent sound quality

I have been recently been testing the Clip and Talk Bluetooth kit

Clip and Talk Bluetooth kit

Right out of the box I have been impressed, in the box there is a battery, USB cable, car charger  and visor clip.

It is very easy to set up and pairing to your phone is a simple process and takes just minutes.

Clip and Talk Bluetooth kit

The unit can be charged via the USB cable in a computer or via the car charger.

It attaches to your cars visor very easy by sliding into the provided clip .

Clip and Talk Bluetooth kit

The battery life is amazing, it has lasted over a month on a single charge, with it being used for calls a couple of times a week.

With some Bluetooth products the connection reliability can be poor, not with this model.  I have found that the device has connected to my phone around 95% of the time, if it doesn’t connect it doesn’t take long to reconnect.

The call quality is very good, a lot better than other units I have tried.

If you are interested in buying one of these just click here for more details


Footnote. The author was provided one of these units free of charge in return for this review.


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