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Prodrive built Mini RX for Rallycross gets an update with video

Liam Doran's Prodrive Mini RX

The sport of Rallycross is growing at an amazing rate.

With two different major championship covering two different contents the sport is growing more and more.

As a result of this more and more manufacturers are getting involved in the sport.

One with a great history in Rallying is the company Prodrive, having been in charge of Subaru’s Rally program for many years.

Prodrive has now turned to working with Mini’s.

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Currently they are working on the Mini  RX for Irish Rally driver Liam Doran

The car was originally built for Doran to run at the Barcelona X Games event earlier this year, but after the event was cancelled, Prodrive took the opportunity to redevelop the car. Work was done on the engine, turbo as well weight saving measures. The car was then given a brief test.

The next event which the car will get to run at will be the X Games in Munich this weekend.

Should be interesting to see how it goes

Gallery of images below

Below is a video from the recent test


14 June 2013

MINI RX loses weight and gains power

Prodrive has run its latest specification MINI RX for the first time this morning.  Since its first outing with Britain’s leading rallycrosser, Liam Doran, in the aborted Barcelona XGames rallycross event in May, Prodrive has significantly re-engineered the 1.6 litre engine with a new turbo and mechanical changes.  At the same time, further weight savings have been made with the introduction of more carbon composite body panels. The MINI RX now has 50% more power and is around 10% lighter than in World Rally Car specification.

The car was driven by Prodrive WRC Team principal Dave Wilcock.  Wilcock said:  “It is now a completely different car.  The acceleration is phenomenal.  Despite all this additional power, we have managed to maintain the driveability in the engine, so that it is still fully controllable on the throttle.  When combined with the inherent balance of the MINI WRC chassis and its ability to be driven so precisely, it is going to give the 2.0 litre cars something to think about.”


Liam Doran will drive the revised car for the first time shortly before competing in the X Games in Munich on June 30.  The car will then travel to the USA for the Los Angeles X Games and two Global Rallycross events.


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