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Nissan to release its new Garage 56 Entry for Le Mans 2014

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Nissan is returning to Le Mans in 2014 but is planning to unveil their car at this years event.

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Nissan has been to Le Mans before in Garage 56, a special entry which is reserved for experimental vehicles.

Nissan entered in conjunction with a group of different business at Le Mans in 2013 in a car called the DeltaWing.
Nissan Delta Wing
The car was actually quite competitive during the race up until an accident forced the car to retire on lap 75.
Nissan Delta Wing
Earlier this year Nissan withdrew its support of the DeltaWing project.

We now know why as they are working on their own Garage 56 project which will be electric/hybird based as we can see from their promo video below.

All will be revealed June 21st at 10:30am CEST time, which for those downunder will be 6:30pm on Friday the 21st, on their youtube site


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