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Red Bull Formula 1 Team visit New York City

David Coulthard - Action

Red Bull Racing just love to do unique displays around the world using their Formula 1 cars, which they call show runs.

They have done these show runs in places like Berlin, Australia, Seoul, Kiev, Moscow and Austin in the lead up to the Texas GP track opening. They even have a full support team which travels to these events which brings the Showcar to these event.
This separate squad was established in 2005 to take a full-spec Formula One car to places and countries where there are no races, to give them a taste of F1. From South Africa to Russia, from Japan to Jamaica, the team’s drivers have been providing the fastest street entertainment on the planet ever since.

So with the Grand Prix of America planned in the next few years to be held in New York, it was due to be held this year but has been postponed until 2014, Red Bull Racing thought it would be good the take Red Bull Running F1 Showcar to the East Coast.

Driven by Red Bull ambassador David Coulthard, the RB7 championship-winning car visited New York and drove through Liberty State Park, the Lincoln Tunnel and the streets of the race course, which winds through both Weehawken and West New York.

The next day, the car toured Liberty State Park, showcasing the spectacular views of the New York City skyline as well as the Statue of Liberty. Feeling ever so patriotic, the car ‘sang’ the Star Spangled Banner as the sun was setting.

Moving on to a link between New York and New Jersey, the car made an overnight drive in the Lincoln Tunnel. Reaching staggering speeds, it no doubt set the record for fastest commute from NYC to New Jersey. Wrapping up the car’s American vacation, it became the first Formula One car to lay rubber on the Grand Prix of America streets, bringing residents out of their homes to catch the historic sight.

For more photos and videos from the demonstration follow the jump

David Coulthard - Portrait

David Coulthard - Action

David Coulthard - Action

Full gallery of images below

Here is a great video from the team at the Drive network talking more about how it all went down


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