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Loved the TVR from the movie Swordfish? Now you can own one.

2003 TVR Tuscan MkI Targa Convertible Swordfish movie showcar

If you have ever seen the movie Swordfish then there are a couple of scenes that stand out, the first would be Hallie Berry and the sunbathing scene and the second one being the car chase scene with John Travolta and Hugh Jackman and the awesome TVR Tuscan Targa Convertible.

So when I saw that one had come up for auction recently it was very surprising.

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2003 TVR Tuscan Mk1 Targa Convertible

The car being auctioned was specially built for the 2003 Newton Motor Show in the United Kingdom to replicate the Tuscan used in the Swordfish, it features a 4.0-litre in-line six cylinder engine producing 270kW.

2003 TVR Tuscan Mk1 Targa Convertible

The car is finished in the special order paint ‘Chameleon Blue’ same as the car in the film.

According to Shannons the TVR is a ‘9 out of 10’ car.

2003 TVR Tuscan Mk1 Targa Convertible

Presented in near-new condition, Shannons expect the TVR to command $56,000-$66,000.

All images courtesy of Shannons Auctions.

2003 TVR Tuscan Mk1 Targa Convertible

Below is the famous scene from the movie.

Some more information on the car courtsey of Shannons


– 28,000 miles from new
– Car ‘built to order’ for 2003 motor show
– Private import with Australian compliance

Showing only 28,000 miles from new this particular Tuscan has a quite unique history. Commission built for the 2003 Newton Motor Show in the United Kingdom, this car was specified to replicate the car used in the Swordfish movie, starring John Travolta, Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry. The stunning Chameleon Blue paint was a $3000 option when new.
Under the bonnet this targa-top Tuscan features the updated, post-2002 version of the 4.0-litre ‘Speed Six’ backed up by the standard five-speed manual gearbox. The vendor states that it is a two-owner car from new, and in his ownership for the last seven years. Privately imported to Australia, it has been compliance approved and is currently registered in Queensland.
A tracker system has been installed for peace of mind, and a switchable rear diffuser fitted, its operational switch located under the steering wheel. Other additions include 18-inch TVR alloys, AP Racing Clutch, upgraded exhaust and rear suspension. An MP3 player has also been installed. 
With all import documents supplied, along with delivery and service books, the Tuscan also comes with a maintenance file which indicates regular care has been undertaken to keep it in top shape.

To see more images of the car follow this link to Shannons Auction Catlogue.


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