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Subaru Australia release BRZ and Retro-Style Merchandise


Subaru Australia has released some very cool merchandise on the back of the success of the new BRZ.

The BRZ range includes a premium eco polo, T-shirt and sports cap, all featuring the logo of Subaru’s sports coupe.
The 100 per cent cotton retro T-shirts feature a distinctive print on each.
They are available for purchase through the nationwide Subaru dealer network or
The new items comprise:

BRZ sports cap – $24.99 retail recommended price (rrp).
BRZ eco polo – $49.99 rrp
BRZ T-shirt – $29.99 rrp
360 retro T-shirt – $24.99 rrp
Since 1958 T-shirt – $24.99 rrp
58 race T-shirt – $24.99 rrp

Images of the rest of the range are after the jump


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