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Ken Block to develop own range of Ford Focus ST models

Ken Block already has his own range of clothing through his company DC Shoes and Monster World Rally Team, he has created a custom tool box  range and now his is going to create his own range of cars.

Block has today announced that he will be working with tuning company Fifteen52 and Ford Motor Company to develop a range of custom Ford Focus ST’s.

Sounds like a interesting project and it will be interesting to follow.

The full release and link to the project is after the jump.


November 6th, Park City, Utah: Monster World Rally Team driver Ken Block is pleased to announce a new, three-way partnership with aftermarket tuner fifteen52 and Ford for a fresh and exciting project that will help develop the all-new Ford Focus ST for enthusiast crowd in North America. The project will incorporate three of the all-new Ford Focus ST and will be focused on highlighting the potential of the car in the hot-hatch enthusiast marketplace.

Fifteen52 press release below:

Fifteen52, Ford and Ken Block have teamed up to take today’s current hot hatch king – the Ford Focus ST – and make it even hotter. In a move unsurprising to anyone who knows anything about automotive marketing, Ford turned to motorsport personality, Ken Block, for assistance and he recommended bringing in fifteen52 to help develop the aftermarket personality for the new Focus ST. 

Known for being on the cutting edge of small Euro car tuning since 1996, Los Angeles, CA based fifteen52 has partnered with Ken and the Monster World Rally Team before on multiple projects. Fifteen52 provided the wheels for Block’s H.F.H.V. in both Gymkhana FOUR and FIVE, as well as partnering with Block’s RC car sponsor, HPI, to have their well-known Tarmac wheel used on Block’s replica HFHV RC car. “The guys at fifteen52 really understand today’s aftermarket scene,” said Block. “If anyone can come up with ways to make the Focus ST and the ST brand itself cooler than they already are, it’d be them.” 

The new Focus ST has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and fifteen52 and Ken Block look forward to the challenge of improving on what is already a killer performance and stylistic platform. Fifteen52 co-owner Matt Crooke offers, “Ford has given us three new Focus STs to mod as we see fit, and thanks to them we’re starting with a car that looks great and beats the Euro hot hatches at their own game – what’s not to like?” Fifteen52’s other partner, Brad Beardow, adds, “Taking great cars and making them even better is what fifteen52 is all about, and though in this case it’s going to be a bigger challenge, we’ve got some cool things up our sleeves.”

As mentioned, fifteen52 has received three Focus ST performance hatchbacks and in order to appeal to a wide array of enthusiasts, they plan to mod each one differently. One car will be Ken Block’s next daily driver, so an “OEM+” approach will be taken to modding that car, meaning that while performance and style upgrades are still very much on tap, reliability and dealer serviceability will not be compromised. The other two cars are headed in completely different directions, with one getting serious racing-inspired performance upgrades with the help of Ford Racing and the other is going after enthusiasts participating in today’s wildly popular stance scene.

Project ST is already underway and will continue through the rest of this year and well into 2013.

To learn more about these projects, and follow their progress, check out


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