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Richard Hammond’s Crash Course now on BBC Knowledge

We all know Richard Hammond from the famous car show Top Gear, where he hangs out with his other car mates Jeremy and James.

On that show he has driven all manor of different vehicles from electric home made cars, remote control cars, a dragster which almost killed him and many of the world’s fastest cars.

So having driven everything possible in the UK and Europe, it was time to cross the pond and head to America and to see what they offer.

He now has a new show and on it he will get to drive and control a lot more extreme machines.

Called Crash Course, the series is about the experiences Hammond has on his recent trip to America.

On this adventure he got to experience a lot more fun vehicles than just your average Supercar.

Each episode focuses on Hammond having to learn how to drive/operate some of the biggest, coolest and most dangerous machines in the USA, in some of the most picturesque locations.

As the name of the show suggests Hammond is thrown in at the deep end and gets a crash course on how to operate the machine and only has days to learn how to operate the machinery.

Some of the equipment that he gets to experience include a Tree Harvester, a US Army Tank and the worlds most powerful fire engine.

Check out the very funny trailer starring Hammond and some of the chaos he causes.

Richard Hammond’s Crash Course BBC Knowledge first on Foxtel channel 612 Sundays at 8:30pm. More info here


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