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Ken Block teams up with Snap-on Tools to create his own range of Tool Boxes

We have all seen Ken Block’s apparel before. The Caps, shoes, T shirts and sunnies have been promoted very well over the last few years.

Now he has teamed up the guys at Snap-on Tools to release his own awesome looking custom painted tool chest.

A must have accessory for the Ken Block fan.

The tool kit would look great in any garage or workshop

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Monster World Rally Team driver, Ken Block, is pleased to announce today that sponsor, Kenosha, WI-based Snap-on, is releasing Block’s very own, signature set of tool boxes. Designed by Block to replicate his current 2012 racing livery, the boxes are the latest way for fans of Block and his Monster World Rally Team to feel like a part of the team when wrenching on their own cars at home.

“I’m blown away with how this project has turned out,” said Block. “These boxes look amazing and the attention to detail on them is second to none. When I first saw them in person and parked my H.F.H.V. racecar next to them, I knew Snap-on had absolutely nailed it. To have my own signature roll cab with Snap-on is one of those things I never dreamed would be possible, but now I’ve got one and I couldn’t be more stoked!”

Based on the Snap-on KRA2454 and KRA2422 models, the Ken Block signature tool boxes offer the at-home rally fan the perfect way to store all of their tools in style, while letting everyone know that they also like to release their own inner hoon from time to time. Financing is also available for both models.

In addition to the full-size boxes, Snap-on will also be offering the Ken Block signature edition KMC923A micro-box, which brings all of the style of the full-size units to your very own desktop at a price point that’s designed for the everyday fan

“The micro-box was a really cool surprise for me,” said Block. “The guys at Snap-on surprised me with it when I arrived to their facility to see the full-size units in person. It’s an awesome product; I know my kids are going to be asking me for them for their rooms as soon as they see one.”

Available for order now through your local Snap-on franchisee, the Ken Block signature boxes are available at MSRP $2,950.00 for the KRA2454 top box, MSRP $5,335.00 for the KRA2422 bottom box and MSRP $99.99 for the KMC923A micro-box.

To purchase any of the Ken Block signature Snap-on boxes, contact your local Snap-on franchisee.


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