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New Ken Block Video now with added Ford Sync

Ken Block's H.F.H.V Rally Car

Ken Block shows off his Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle being equipped with Ford’s SYNC system as well as a never-before seen stunt.

While Ken Block’s Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle’s purpose is to be capable of racing in three different forms of motorsport (gymkhana, stage rally and rally cross), it’s also street legal, and fitted with some road-going creature comforts like Ford SYNC. To show this off, Ken Block spent a day driving around LA in his Ford Fiesta racecar. Along the way he took care of some chores, including filming Gymkhana FOUR and pulling off a never before stunt.

“One of the things that I wanted for this car when we started putting ideas together was SYNC,” said Block. “I’ve got SYNC in my other Fords and I love it, so, we outfitted it into my H.F.H.V. for use during transits on public streets. Once my team got it in and set up, we tested it out and it worked awesome. I’m stoked to have SYNC working in the car now and I’m pretty certain that I’ve got the only racecar in the world that allows me to cue up some Jay-Z via voice activation

Check out the video below after the jump


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