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Drawing cars an old hobby with a modern update

Drawing cars was something I loved to do as a kid, long before I discovered photography.

I was never really any good at it but it was still fun to try and see what you could create.

I am sure I still have some of my drawings somewhere but for now I think they can still stay lost in all my old childhood stuff.

So back in June this year I came across this post on one of my favorite car site Autoblog

It talked about a new project that a couple of guys were putting together in the states,  which was a sketch book designed to teach people how to design and draw cars.

The project was being launched through a great website called Kickstarter which is a great site that helps you host your project idea and allows you to pitch to others to help raise funding before starting production of the project.

By the time the project appeared on Autoblog it had almost reached its $10,000 goal, I jumped on a gave my pledge to get a copy of the book as I thought it would be great to get back into drawing. The project still had another 20 plus days before it ended and a few days after I did my pledge it reached its target. Now it was just a matter of waiting for time to tick down till it finished and then the project would go into production and books would be printed and sent out

The amazing thing is the project continued to get coverage around the world and the pledges kept coming in

With a week to go the funding had reached over $40k

The pledges continued to come in untill the last day, when the clock stopped they had reached $55k, an amazing feat.

So time ticked by as we all waited to receive our books.

The first images of the books in production in appeared in early August, early September came and word was books being shipped out.

So the wait began for me for my parcel from USPS to arrive down under.

Then the day finally arrived earlier this month when my book finally turned up with my little extra’s a Pen, Sticker and Tshirt.

So far I have done a little bit of sketching, but they aren’t ready for public consumption just yet, but I will be sure to show some when I am happy with them.

So if you enjoy drawing cars or trucks or are wanting to learn then I can not recommend this book enough to get you started.


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