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Ken Block’s Gymkhana World Tour has began in Vienna, Austria over the weekend, we now can see what we can expect when the tour hits Australia in September

More images and full press release below

JULY 11, 2011, Vienna, Austria – With over 25,000 people in attendance, the first stop of Ken Block’s Gymkhana World Tour in Vienna, Austria was a massive success. The three-stop tour brings the Gymkhana driving, made famous by Block’s hugely popular Internet videos, up close and personal to a live audience. 

“Ever since we filmed the first Gymkhana video, I have wanted to be able to bring this type of action to a place where people can watch it live, and Gymkhana World Tour does exactly that,” said Block. “I’m super stoked on the staggering turnout we had in Austria. It was just amazing to have such an enormous crowd be able to witness the hooning so close, and to see everyone enjoy it so much.” 

In addition to Block’s smoke-filled, dangerously close, gymkhana antics, the Hoonigan was joined by the Masters of Dirt freestyle motocross crew, including Blake “Bilko” Williams and Adam Jones. The FMX riders not only put on a show of their own, but joined in with Block for a little synchronized insanity. 

“It was awesome being able to work with Bilko, Adam and the Masters of Dirt team at the event,” said Block. “Those guys were going huge during their sets and the crowd was bugging when we were running the course at the same time. The crowd also went wild for the surprise Segway donuts, which we did completely unrehearsed at the end of the show.” 

While the main event took place Sunday night, the actual event spread over the entire weekend, offering media and VIPs rides with Block in his Gymkhana Ford Fiesta. 

“I am always happy to be able to give people the experience of actually getting in the car with me, since, while it may be fun to watch, nothing beats actually getting in the car,” said Block. “The only bummer is that we can’t give everyone a ride.” 

The Vienna stop of the Gymkhana World tour was presented by Monster Energy, Ford, DC and SPY Optic. The next stop will be in Los Angeles, California, on Saturday, July 23rd, followed by the final stop in Melbourne, Australia, on Saturday, August 27th.

Block’s next competitive event will be Summer X Games 17, taking place in Los Angeles, California, July 30th and 31st. Until then, follow the team at, and


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