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A look inside the Obama’s Situation Room of the White House

Image Credit - Peter Souza/The White House

Photojournalism has been a big inspiration for me over the years with my photography

From James Nachtwey amazing images from 9/11 to Deanne Fitzmaurice’s Pulitzer Price winning photo essay of Iraq Boy Saleh and finally 2010 Pulitzer Winner Craig. F. Walker’s amazing story of young American Solider’s life in the Military.

All these Photo Essay’s have moved and motivated me to always look for that different kind of documentary image when I shoot

I recently watched a great documentry on White House Photographer Peter Souza  and his life in the White House with President Obama, which gave a great insight into his daily work

So when the news broke on Monday by President Obama that the US Army had killed Osama Bin Laden, I knew that there would have to be some interesting images to come out from Peter Souza and the White House.

Sure enough this image above of Obama and his staff as they watch on screen the attack that lead to Osama’s death, was released along with a selection of other images.

The rest of the slide show is here  on Time Magazine’s website, they are interesting to go through and get that great behind closed door insight

This is what I love about Good Photojournalism


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