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Nissan GT-R Chronology: R32-R35

Nisssan GT-R Chronology: R32-R35

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1989: Production of Skyline GT-R with new turbocharged 2.6-litre straight-six cylinder engine, and permanent all-wheel-drive commences in Japan. Initial production is the required 510 to qualify for Group A touring car homologation.

1990: Mark Skaife debuts new Skyline R32 at Mallala, South Australia round of Australian Touring Car Championship on June 10.

1990: Jim Richards gives GT-R32 its debut victory in Australia in the Oran Park final round of the 1990 ATCC on July 15, clinching his third Australian Touring Car title in the process.

1991: Nissan GT-R32s finish 1-2 in the Australian Touring Car Championship, win Bathurst (the first outright victory by a Japanese vehicle) and tie for victory in the Australian Endurance Championship.

1991: Nissan Australia offers 100 ADR-compliant permanent 4WD road versions of the R32 for sale in Australia, powered by a 2.6-litre straight six-cylinder engine with twin ceramic turbochargers, producing 223kW (300HP) at 6,800rpm.

1992: Winfield Team Nissan GT-Rs finishes 1-2 in the ATCC and win Bathurst for second successive year.

1995: Nissan GT-R R33 succeeds R32 model with similar engine specs.

1997: Special edition R33 called Nismo 400R (for Racing) released in Japan with 300kW and upgrades to brakes, suspension and aerodynamics.

1999: R34 with 6-speed manual gearbox and reduced front and rear body over-hang replaced R33. Various performance-enhanced versions offered in Japan include V-Spec (Victory Specification), M-Spec (named after chief designer Mizuno) with revised chassis and suspension, plus N1 (for Nismo) lightweight ‘club sport’ spec. also available.

2001: R35 concept first shown at Tokyo Motor Show.

2002: Final production version of R34 GT-R – GT-R V-spec Nur (for Nurburgring) released with enhanced engine and chassis for ultimate performance.

2005: Redesigned concept previewing production version of R35 shown at Tokyo Motor Show.

2007 (October): The production version of the R35 makes its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show with 3.8-litre twin turbocharged V6 engine producing 357kW, permanent all-wheel drive, and six-speed dual-clutch transmission.

2007 (December 6): R35 launches on Japanese market.

2009 (March): Nissan GT-R R35 launched in Australia.

2010 (June): Up-date 2010 GT-R introduced in Australia with improved low and mid-range engine response, revised shock absorber settings, enhanced cooling and upgraded equipment introduced as sales pass 260 since introduction.

2011 (March): Third evolution of the R35 introduced in Australia with upgraded 390kW engine and numerous significant upgrades to traction


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