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First Block now Foust signs with Ford

First Ken Block switched from Subaru to Ford to shock of fans.

Now Tanner Foust has done the same thing, except its from a Scion Drift Car (Toyota) to a Ford Fiesta Rally Car, where he will be running at the Rallycross Event as part of Xgames 17 this year

Foust will also compete in the Global Rallycross Championship (GRC) and European Rallycross Championship (ERC) as part of his deal with Ford

Foust has been a professional driver since 96, and is best known for his involvement in Drifiting  in the USA, he has also done a lot of stunt work for different films including Fast & Furious – Tokyo Drift

Foust is also one of the hosts of Topgear USA.

Should be very interesting to watch and see how he goes against the top Euro Drivers.

Below is a promo video Foust has done as part of his deal with Ford

Full Ford Press Release and great video of Foust Drifting after the jump

Foust in his drifting days in his Scion drifting up through Mulholland Drive

X Games Champion Tanner Foust Partners With Ford

  • Tanner Foust to campaign in 2011 Ford Fiesta in the European Rallycross Championship (ERC) and in the Global Rallycross Championship. He will also defend his double gold medals at the X Games 17 in July
  • Foust is a champion drifter and rally driver who is the most decorated rally driver in X Games history
  • Foust moved to California to begin stunt driving for Hollywood

DEARBORN, Mich. – April 27 , 2011

Rally driver Tanner Foust has announced a multi-year partnership with Ford to represent the Blue Oval in the Global Rallycross Championship (GRC), European Rallycross Championship (ERC) and at X Games 17 in Los Angeles. 

Foust, the most successful rally driver in X Games history, will drive a Ford Fiesta. His program will be supported by Rockstar Energy Drink and Etnies.  

Foust has carved a niche in the world of action motor sports, showcasing the skills that made him a three-time gold medallist at X Games as well as a champion drifter and rally driver.  

He balances his driving with an ever-expanding broadcast career that has seen him host various programs on the SPEED Channel cable TV program in the US. Foust also now serves as co-host of the critically acclaimed Top Gear USA on the History Channel.

Foust first drove a Ford Fiesta at X Games in 2009, in what proved to be a turning point in his career. His experience with the Fiesta and his 2010 exposure to a limited European Rallycross schedule has encouraged him to focus full-time on rallycross in 2011.

He will drive in all 10 rounds of the European Rallycross Championship as well as the entire inaugural four-event Global Rallycross Championship in the United States. 

“There is no doubt that Ford is on fire right now with its complete line-up of cars and trucks,” Foust said.

“Internationally small cars with 2-litre engines are considered affordable platforms for racing and motorsports as opposed to the perception we have in the United States that cars like the Fiesta only get great fuel economy. Rallycross and X Games are a great showcase of the performance capabilities of these platforms.”

Foust spent several years as a child in Scotland where he discovered rallying and learned to drive on the country roads near his home. He returned to the US and attended the University of Colorado, earning a biology degree. He spent his summers at the track, trading seat time in racing cars for mechanic work and driver coaching jobs. 

After college, he began working as an ice driving coach, an instructor at automotive marketing events and competing in anything he could, including rallying and drifting. He made the transition to full-time racing in 1996 and has split his time between Formula Drift, Rally America and now Rallycross. 

He moved to California to begin stunt driving for Hollywood films such as The Fast and the Furious; Tokyo Drift; Dukes of Hazzard; Bourne Ultimatum; Iron Man 2; and inthe upcoming Red Dawn.  

“Tanner brings that rare combination of skills and experience honed in racing, winning championships, stunt driving and getting the most out of everything from supercars to subcompact cars as part of his TV shows. He is one of the most versatile drivers competing anywhere today,” the director Ford North America Motorsports, Jamie Allison, said. 

“I have known Tanner for a few years and his involvement with Ford Racing in our action sports program allows us to connect with a new generation of enthusiasts who are growing up on action sports.”

While Foust will compete primarily in a Fiesta, he was involved in the launch of the 2012 Ford Focus in the United States. He will also support the upcoming North American launch of the 2012 Focus ST, the EcoBoost turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder version of the Focus. The ST is due to go on sale in North America later this year.

“The automobile has always been part of pop culture, but it could be said that the passion kids have for cars today isn’t what it once was,” Foust said.

“I am excited to work with Ford, especially on development projects like the Focus ST, which are designed to put the fun back into driving. Driving for me is simply the most fun thing I do. Together with Ford we’re going to help define what fun to drive truly means – on the track and off.”


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