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April Fools Day in the Automotive Industry

BMW wasn’t the only car manufacturer to join in on the April Fools Day Fun

As well as the M3 Ute, they also created a Special “Royal” Edition M3 for the Royal Wedding this month, with the special “WILL” badge which is based on the M Series badges and colour scheme.

Chevrolet also got in the mix by releasing convertible images of its Hybrid Volt Model, they look pretty good, be nice to see it go into production

Honda also “created” a cabriolet version of one of their popular models – The Accord Crosstour

And finally Subaru got into the Grand sprint with the release of the “Grand” Outback, a model which would be 50% larger in size then the current Outback

All nice little stories to keep things interesting, bring on 1st April 2012 to see whats next……


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