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Review Camzilla Products

I recently was lucky enough to come into contact with an old business contact who was now running a new business venture.

Camzilla is part of Serious Media Australia, the TV Production company behind, amongst other things, the Serious Performance DVD series – Australia’s top-selling automotive DVDs from 1997 to 2006. Camzilla was formed to exploit the knowledge and experience gained from filming cars and other high-performance vehicles over this period.

From this the Camzilla CZ1 Universal Camera Mounting Kit was created.

So during conversations the offer was made for me to test some of the Camzilla products. First up was the CZ1 kit, as mentioned above

First piece of the kit to try was the Suction Mount Assembly

Its so easy to attach to the side of a car by just turning the slider on the bottom of the mount

These shot below are taken using the mount mounted to the door of the car

The shot below was taken using the Suction Mount Assembly mounted to the boot lid of the DRB Cobra

Set up shots taken on camera phone for reference

Next part of the kit the Standard Clamp Mount Assembly

I used this to shoot the inside of a race car with the camera mounted to the roll bar

The final piece I am going to cover is the Triple Suction Mount Assembly

I used this recently on a photoshoot of a Mustang which had a large blower extending from the bonnet, perfect for trying this mount

I have more plans to try more of the mounts, but once I have done that I will write another blog post


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