All things Photography, Automotive Industry, Motorsport, Cars and Technology.

I meet many different people through my job, and as a result I have been given some great opportunities to promote my business. As well as being able to help provide content to other websites.

I recently met Luke Ray, who I think is actually busier then me. Luke is one of the founders of an automotive website called Crank & Piston. Luke is based here in Victoria and has a big love for Hot Rod cars and has even created a hot rod magazine called Fuel. Speaking to him tonight, he was preparing to head off very early tomorrow morning to a Hot Rod Show in Victoria’s West.
The other half of the site is run by Phil McGovern who is based in Dubai in the UAE. Phil has very cool looking and fast VW Golf race car. He writes about it for the site as well as covering all kinds of motorsport & automotive news and action from the UAE.

So Luke and I got speaking about the site, the content they run and the kind of events that I cover. We could see a benefit to both of us for me to get involved.

So my introduction has hit the site and Im currently working on my first couple of posts, so keep a eye out for them to hit the site soon

Meanwhile check out some of the cool stories on the site as well as Lukes intro of me on the site


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