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Melbourne Football Stadium Construction

Orrcon Steel is a customer of mine and they are currently involved in the construction of the new football stadium in the Melbourne Park Sports Precinct.
The stadium is being built for the Melbourne Victory and the Melbourne Storm to play their home games from 2010 onwards.
The stadium will also be built to FIFA standard so that International games can be played at the stadium.
I recently got asked to go photograph the status of the stadium on a site visit with management from Orrcon.
It is a impressive site and is coming along very well and it is due to be finished in early 2010.

These panels will go on the outside of the stadium


View from the players entry ramp to the field

View from the slideline

Panorama looking back toward the player entry side of the ground

I also went back to photograph the stadium one evening to get the sun setting, the images are below and came out quite nice considering there really wasn’t a good sunset.


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