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Targa Day 3 – Its all about the flames and the scenery

The idea for today was to go out and shoot some really nice scenic images out in the Tasmanian country side. Today’s stages were centred around the area just south of Devonport. Some very nice country side in that area and it made for some awesome pictures.

Old cattle loading pen made for nice framing

The bright red Volvo of the Batten's looks great in the country side

Kevin Weeks in his Lamborghini with the mountains as a back drop

Rex Broadbent passes past paddocks in the area

Jim Richards again with the beautiful mountain backdrop

We headed off to a favorite spot from last year next, in the area of Mole Creek
The cars come down the hill out of the Forest into the open and makes for a very nice backdrop

Dean Evans in his Lotus Exige 260 Cup

For the last few days I have been trying to capture nice images of the flames that are emitted from the back of the two Lamborghini’s of Kevin Weeks and Jason White.

Jason White's Fire Breathing Lamborghini

Just haven’t been able to capture it up until now
The spot I found this afternoon I had the feeling there would be a good chance to capture the flames.
I was not disappointed the flames that the car of Jason White’s were awesome and made for a great shot

Targa Fest

Targa Fest

That night they had the usual Targa fest on in the heart of Launceston city, they close off roads around the CBD and put all the cars on display.
Its a great opportunity for the public to get up close to the cars and drivers

Big day tomorrow as we head across to the West Coast


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