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Targa Tasmania – Pre Event Monday

I am sure most Motorsport fans out there have already seen Eric Bana’s “Love the Beast” film, about his passion with his Ford Coupe.
One of the biggest stars of that film besides Bana and the Ford, is the state of Tasmania and the event it plays host to every year.
Yep its Targa Tasmania time !!!
This year I am back to cover the event but in a very different role.
As well as doing work for my regular Motorsport clients, I have this year been asked to be official News Photographer for the event providing images to sent out to media outlets around Australia and even across the world.
I even received a phone call tonight from a outlet in Abu Dhabi, in the UAE, that would like to run some images.

Two days out from the event their isn’t a lot happening but we are in town to cover the lead up.

So first thing this morning, at the very early hour of 5:30am, we headed up to Devonport to greet the last few cars arriving into the state, onboard the Spirit of Tasmania from Melbourne.
One of the most interesting cars to come off was a brand new Ferrari 599, it will be running in the Targa Tour part of the event.
Some images of it arriving below as well as Jeff & Nerida Beable’s Nissan GTR and Jim Richard’s Porsche GT2.

Dudley Hoskin & Viv Do Ros - 2007 Ferrari 599 - Arrive off the Spirit of Tasmania in Devonport

Jeff Beable & Nerida Beable - Nissan Skyline GT-R V Spec N1 - Arrive off the Spirit of Tasmania into Devonport

Jim Richards & Barry Oliver's 2008 Porsche 911 GT2 arrive's off the Spirit of Tasmania into Devonport

From there it was back to Symmons Plains Raceway for the media day, where teams have the opportunity to do some last minute testing around the track and to also take sponsors for a quick hot lap around the track.

Images from this morning are below

Dean Evans, Editor of Tarmac magazine , giving the new Lotus Exige Cup 230 its first Motorsport debut

The Lamborghini of Launceston's Jason White, one of two Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera's competing in this event. The sound and the flames that come from the exhaust of these cars is nothing short of amazing to see and hear

Tony Quinn in his R35 Nissan GTR, one of 5 new model GTR's being run in this event

Finally Scott Millar and Chris Dean in their Evo X, this is a fantastic looking car, I think the new Evo X's look fantastic in Tarmac spec and look very mean on the track.

Tomorrow we are off to the Prologue in George Town.

Who will win it ? Im really not sure. I would like to see Matt Close take out the trifecta of wins but I think he has a fair amount of competition

More images and reports from the prologue tomorrow night


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