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Holden Special Vehicles Clubsport R8

I picked up a new client recently, The Motor Report, an Australian automotive blog site. This came through my association with another blog site
My first job for them was a complete photo shoot of the new HSV Clubsport R8.
I was lucky enough to be able to collect the car the night before the shoot, which gave me the opportunity to photograph the car at dawn
I have wanted to shoot a car at dawn for a long time but time has never really allowed for it.
The light at that time of the morning is just perfect for photography. The glow in the sky is just perfect to work with

As the sun starts to come up, the sky lightens up but the shadows are still very dark. So I added in 3 Nikon Sb800's to add some light.

Just before the sun breaks thru the lights is just perfect

Great soft light at this time of the day, perfect for shooting logos and badging on the car as well

Instrument panel close up taken with 105mm Macro

Again shot with a 105mm macro lens

This location below I have used before, but at night. So I wanted to go back and try it during the day.

It is a nice location and works very well with the color of the R8.

HSV R8 Clubsport

HSV R8 Clubsport

For a very long period of time I have wanted to try a new piece of equipment that I had bought. The shoot with the R8 was the perfect opportunity to use it.
It is a part of rig system that I use to photograph cars in motion, from outside of the car.
I generally use car parks as the locations for this kind of photography, lots of room to work and the light is dark enough to get the right result.
Examples below

Rig photography

HSV Rig Shot

Last location of the day was for moving action shots. I use an old rail yard for this as its nice and long and lots of room

HSV Tracking shot

The rest of my images from the shoot are here

Holden HSV Clubsport R8 – Images by Joel Strickland


One response

  1. Love the third last shot, with the rear right off-side of the R8, Joel…where abouts are those warehouses?

    June 16, 2009 at 4:26 pm

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