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Gold Coast Loses Indy Car – Replaces with A1GP

Well the inevitable has happened.

The Gold Coast has lost the Indy Car Series from the usual Oct time slot.

The Indy 300 is no more

The Qld government has decided to “replace” the Indy Cars with A1GP, a very poor substitute is you ask me

See the news story on below

A1GP replace Indy cars on Coast
November 11, 2008 INDY cars will make way for A1GP speedsters on the Gold Coast from next year during October’s motor sports carnival, Queensland premier Anna Bligh said.The A1GP series will now join the V8 Supercars for the annual event on the coast. “We have reached in-principle agreement with the A1GP and expect to finalise contractual arrangements within the next week,” Ms Bligh said. “The A1GP is a world class racing series with an action packed race calendar that includes Great Britain, China, Mexico, Portugal, Malaysia, New Zealand, Indonesia, South Africa and The Netherlands. “As a result of this deal Queensland will now be a permanent fixture on the calendar as well. “The A1GP World Cup of Motorsport features national teams – including Australia – competing against each other on a level playing field with identical cars. “It is true test of driver skill and determination with the cars lapping three to four seconds quicker than Indy cars. “And instead of racing for a manufacturer, sponsor or driver they race for their national flag. “The cars use cutting-edge technology with Ferrari signed up to a six year deal to manufacture and supply all racing engines and consult on design and manufacturing. “Top drivers from around the world compete with the famous Andretti family fielding a team which will next year include one of this year’s most popular drivers from the Indy Racing League – Danica Patrick “I am sure the A1GP will be a terrific attraction for both ‘revheads’ and new fans to the world of motorsport. “It will give a new lease of life to our event on-track with all the fun and excitement off-track also set to continue.”

This has all happened because the QLD government wouldn’t budge on a date change.

Its a shame that this has happened as this is a big loss for Australian Motorsport

Im very sorry to see the Indy cars leave our shores especially since it was only this year that the unification between the Indy Car and Champ car series finally happened

It will be interesting to see how the new Gold Coast A1GP goes next year


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