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V8 Supercar Season Launch

Two days after the last shoot I was at a totally different event, from a Motorsport workshop to the glitz and glamour of the launch of the new V8 Supercar season, yep its February the month when two of the biggest sports in Australia kick off their season’s. So it was appropriate on this cold and wet February night that I found myself inside one of the many warehouse function centres in Docklands. When the V8 Supercars put on a event they know how to do it properly they even had a couple of the race cars parked out front with their new livery

Inside it was a very ritzy affair with the who’s who of V8 Supercars Australia in attendance as well as a couple more cars inside with their new livery It was a interesting launch with a performance to start with by a group of gymnasts and dancers. What this has to do with V8 Supercars im not really sure

Tony Cochrane the head of V8 Supercars Australia was out next to talk to the crowd. He spoke about what was new this season and how the sport is going. He finished up by playing a great promo video to officially launch the season
Matthew White from host broadcaster Channel 7 as well as Neil Crompton then came out to to bring out and introduce each driver in the championship and presented them to the crowd, they even split the drivers to Holden and Ford sides of the stage.

That finished up the formal part of the night it was then time for more networking and free drinks for those who attended I had what I needed so after talking to a few photographers and tv who I knew there. I was out the door as I have another shoot booked for tomorrow night


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