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Ford Discovery Shoot Recy

This is the second year I have been asked to shoot a Calendar on behalf on Ford USA.

It is focusing on Australian made Ford Models, last year we did it purely on the early XW, XY to XC and XB coupe models.

This year I wanted to take a slightly different path to last year and started with some early models again but then started looking at some other options. Whilst doing this research I came across the Ford Discovery in Geelong.
It is a non for profit organisation, which is part museum and part education centre. It is in the heart of Geelong the home of Ford. This was a great place to find some feature cars for the calender I thought.

So on Friday night Sarah and I headed to Geelong to check it out. There was a great collection of vehicles there on offer, I took some images of some of the cars I thought would be of interest for the calender to send off to the publishers. The main floor space had the potential to act as a studio space. So part of the next process was to get the approval from the publishers to have a temp studio installed and to confirm which cars they wanted shot. I also did a lighting test to see what options were best to give the best result. I decided to end up using Nikon SB800 and the Nikon CLS system
From here it is just a simple matter of setting up the time to do the shoot.

Test shot using 10sec exposure at f8 using Nikon SB800 to paint with light


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